Questions to guarantee an effective training game debrief

Questions to guarantee an effective training game debrief

It is really great when the training game you get includes some example questions to ask during the debrief. We prepare sets of questions based on the games we have conducted – when we already know what course and direction a given role-play may take.

Additionally, we suggest the following generic set of questions you may use for most training games. Please note that the questions are based on the experiential learning cycle.

1. Remind the participants why the game was played:

  • What was the aim of the game?
  • What competencies did you want to observe?
  • What did you want to learn?

2. Ask detailed questions about the competencies the game was to develop:

  • What did you notice during the game?
  • What thoughts did you have during the game / in the situation when…?
  • How did you feel when…?
  • What was your reaction to…?
  • What do you think influenced the course of the game?
  • What made it difficult for you to reach…? … to accomplish…? What did you find helpful?

3. Ask generalizing questions:

  • What actions did you find effective during the game?
  • What did you learn through this game?
  • What did you rediscover?
  • In what respects did the game make you change your mind?
  • What do you think … (e.g. effective sales) depends on?
  • Which situations in your real lives are relevant to what you learned today?

4. Application questions (that is questions to facilitate the application of the conclusions in the participants’ professional or private lives):

  • What goals are you now going to set yourselves which, when attained, will be of benefit to your work (or your private lives)?
  • What are you now going to change about your work?
  • What are you now going to focus on in your work? What are you now going to prioritize, in view of the game you played today?
  • What will help you achieve your goals? What are you going to remember about?

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