The Stranger – free training game

Approximate game time 1.5 – 2 h    The number of participants min: 6, max: 24, optimal: 816
The Stranger - free training game - sales and customer service -

It is only natural that salespersons try every way to keep their customers satisfied. Wouldn’t it be interesting to reverse the situation and make customers try to win favour with the other party? This is exactly what happens in our game…

The players are transported into the remote provinces where some of them become petrol station salespersons, while the others take on the roles of travellers who are about to do some shopping. Strangers are not very welcome in the neighbourhood: suspicious looks and perfunctory replies seem to be the most you can expect from the local traders. Visitors to this place are facing quite a challenge. It is their individual efforts and strategies that their shopping results and, ultimately, the win in the game will depend on.

The game gives an opportunity to experience and observe numerous sales behaviours – particularly those involved in creating the first impression, identifying the needs and making a presentation, up to and including the closing of the transaction. Due to the role reversal (it is the buyer who is seeking the salesperson’s attention), there is an element of surprise to the game. As a result, the debrief later on in the game brings up a lot of novel and valuable conclusions concerning the sale process and customer service.

From the trainer’s perspective, the game is easy to conduct and deeply satisfying. Humour, creativity and initiative are the potentials likely to get unlocked during the role-play, hence the game is a good tool to use at the beginning of a training course or as an energizer.

The competencies developed

Customer service and sales skills, including:

  • establishing a rapport / making a good first impression,
  • using body language (non-verbal communication),
  • identifying the needs,
  • presenting the offer,
  • handling objections,
  • closing the transaction,
  • complying with principles of business ethics.

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