The Movie

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“The Movie” is an extremely absorbing game dealing with interpersonal communication. It provides the participants with an exceptionally revealing insight into different styles of building relationships and communicating with others, as well as the influence of these differences on teamwork.



Approximate game time 2.5 – 3 h    The number of participants min: 10, max: 20, optimal: 1218

The participants take on the roles of employees of a film production company, which has just come across an excellent opportunity to make it in their industry. Their task is to come up with an idea for a movie, whose production budget will be sponsored if they win the contest. This seemingly easy task will turn out to be a real challenge when it comes to collaborating with the staff at the other departments.

Different communicating styles, different personalities, different ways of perceiving the same tasks, and different priorities – all that makes the game not only immensely compelling but first of all highly informative.

In its basic structure, “The Movie” training game draws on Carl Gustav Jung’s theory of psychological types. It may be an attractive supplement to training courses in interpersonal communication based on such methodologies as: Insights, DISC, MBTI.

The participants get assigned to one of four teams symbolized by the colours: red, yellow, blue and green – a convention popularly applied in the context of psychological types. The division into teams is carried out in an interesting but at the same time uncomplicated way and the carefully prepared instructions strengthen the effect of the game itself. This makes it possible to observe a whole variety of behaviours typical of the particular styles of communicating and decision-making.

“The Movie” is a game which not only absorbs the participants, but most of all enables them to learn about their own (and the other players’) style of building interpersonal relationships and manner of making decision. It is a game which reveals the strengths and potential weakness, inspires and leads the participants to valuable conclusions for the future.

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See an excerpt of the game

It contains: a sample of the game documentation, a part of the typical course of the game, examples of game playing experiences, participants’ comments and conclusions, and more…

The competencies developed:

  • interpersonal communication,
  • cooperation,
  • team building.

Additional objectives:

  • To get to know four styles of communicating with other people and making decisions and to experience the influence of the four on cooperation within a team.
  • To get to know the strengths and potential weaknesses of each of the styles.
  • To find out what one’s own style of communicating is.
  • To identify the ways of making communication with other people more effective.


The structure of the game is based on the assumption that the training group will include representatives of different communication styles, e.g. staff from various departments, participants of an open training course. It is possible that in some groups the participants will only represent specific styles – e.g. in a group comprised of salespersons only. If this is the case, the trainer may be required to get to know the course participants and evaluate their styles before deciding whether it will be useful for them to play the game.

Example conclusions of the participants

  • The game showed who is what type of person and who I should find easy to cooperate with.
  • I obtained information about the personalities of all those who participated in the role play.
  • I gained practical knowledge of personality types and how to use them in the reality of company departments.
  • I know how to talk to some types of people, what argument to use to defend my own opinion.
  • Not every personality type is able to cooperate easily with every other personality type, but a mixture of those may create something good.
  • I know what personality types I will find it easy to start cooperating with.
  • I’ve learnt about my strengths and weaknesses.
  • Now I know how others understand me and how I want to be understood.
  • I’ve learnt what causes my conflicts with some people and now I know how to talk to them.
  • You need to be open-minded, defend your opinion and be brave.
  • I’ve learnt that the “greens” need some help to open up.
  • I need to be more open-minded and active, have my own opinion.
  • I’ve learnt different ways of communicating with people representing different personality types.
  • It was an opportunity to learn about and precisely define other people’s personality types, which I fail to notice in everyday relations.
  • Restricting others may result in a milch-cow idea being never implemented, just wasted. This leads to disagreement which may have a bad influence on future cooperation.
  • The role-play enabled me to define my personality more accurately.

What’s included:

  • The game and the exact instructions for conducting it, in the form of a PDF file.
  • Your chosen Licence – please read its terms before ordering the game.
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