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Why do we use training games?

Some time ago one of our clients said that he had met a participant of the workshop he had conducted 3 years before. After all this time the participant still had a vivid memory of a training game they played back then and remembered the conclusions drawn in the follow-up discussion.

Inspired by that story, I have asked other training and development professionals why they use training games and what benefits they get from conducting them.

The answers came from all around the world, bringing in many insightful thoughts, great points and arguments for using training games.


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Much more is coming soon!

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  1. C.Santhanam 25th December 2017 at 04:23 #

    Learning is Fun: Reveler & Leveler both. Games design should limit that dose of fun followed by aimed ‘Take Home’. Some learn better in groups, some by doing; most of us learn when challenged. Watching peer group getting engaged in a game motivates to participate & gang up to contribute. Games Keep the spirit of sportsmanship up and develops a positive impulse of bouncing back attitude even while facing defeat which is critical for building a ‘Stamina to be Successful’ in individual participants. Playing games churn up many emotions both positive & negative helping participants to know their own levels & limits of EQ. They learn to manage their EQ. Participants learn watching natural leaders grab situations to prove they are real champs & develop to be appreciative of other’s success giving due credit devoid of envy. Thick of Clowning, mimicking, Clapping and laughing binds teams delivering shared objectives. Games are levelers clipping attitudes of some and opaque personalities. Participants strip off ego to be natural & dive deep to swirl with new found transparency all the time learning to value “Firm ground & oxygenating environs” which are critical for Fair ethical processes for Business environment! The dimension of TIME has it’s own impact! Good Times, Bad Times, Timeliness, On time, Timeless joy, Early birds, Speed & hence REFLEX TO TAKE RIGHT DECISIONS @ RIGHT TIME!

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