Why training games - So engaging

Why training games? So engaging

I have asked training and development professionals why they use training games. The answers were so numerous that it resulted in a series of articles. You can read more about that at Why do we use training games?

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So engaging

Eases mind. Sharpens involvement into subject. Curiosity and attention is obtained…
Ramesh Babu Therala

Games and activities enhance participant engagement. It’s all to do with neuroscience.
Alaa Omar

I teach Certificate III and Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care and I use The Sims in some of the units, as a teaching strategy and learning tool. From my experience, I can say that students respond well to innovative teaching ideas and become more interested in their studies. Although I could teach exactly the same thing in a simpler, traditional way, I prefer to use different methodologies, because it keeps students focused and motivated. […]
Mihaela El Azzi Petrov

I’m about to start writing some business training for the early years sector and I will be including participant activities as I believe actually doing something that is fun keeps participants interested and aids learning.
Maureen Askew

Game make trainee be energized & enjoy creating vivid environment. Effective training game engage trainee in learning & training process creating high impact on KAS development.
Socheat LAY

Games /energizer used for bost participants enrgy and level of interest in the session.
Munaza Azeem

In my training, I use the game of poker to train decision-making in business among mostly executives. I see many advantages in using a game (in my case poker) to deliver a rather dry theory in a very exciting and playful way. Games are more engaging and motivating for the participants. […]
Tino Engel

Games are a fantastic tool and enables you to turn a dry subject into something exciting and engaging. […]
Cara Asquith

As a Soft Skills trainer in a Business School I have seen Experiential Learning through games is more student centric in approach, takes the trainer away from lecture method and thus increases participation of the learners. Most important, these game based methods enhance not just the subject Knowledge but also job skills of the learners such as Communication Skills, Interpersonal skills, Conflict Management etc which are very important in the corporate world.
Sangeeta Shahane

I find that people learn better through actions. Some switch off once theory starts. Games allow people’s natural tendencies to come to the forefront immediately. The debrief allows them to see the results of their actions and allows the ‘penny to drop’. Games also make learning fun and this allows this information to sink.
Lalannie Knoll

If the training is conducted in a linear way and it lacks an emotional engagement in the situation – it has little impact. but when you put the gamemification elements there, people are experiencing the situation holistically – they are also emotionally engaged and so they remember it even better.
Martina Georgievova

[…] A new game brings with it an element of curiosity and anticipation which keeps the learners alert enough to focus on every step of the activity and be with the group both physically and mentally so learning is peer based and more effective. […]
N Shesha prasad

When carefully planned and designed with end in mind, it will help participants capture the learning moments through fun and engagement. The outcome can have lasting impact.
Varghese Harry

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  1. Ashapurna Doctor 5th January 2018 at 23:19 #

    Thank you for bringing together the advantages of having a game or a playful atmosphere in a learning environment.
    I am keen to learn learn a few games that could be introduced in the middle of a session. There are plenty for ice breaking but it would be good to learn some more to suite other purposes.
    Could you please share some resources.
    Thank you.

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